It’s hard not to…

Dec 25, 2020 | 0 comments

Eagle – by Tucker Wachsmuth 12/24/20

We see them every day now
Soaring over meadows and
On out over Willapa Bay.

We hear them all day, too
High atop their Monterey Cypress perch
On Merchant Street in Oysterville.

Eagles – by Tucker Wachsmuth 12/24/20

We listen as they pipe and whistle
Talking to one another
Discussing changes in the village.

Some say their voices are weak
For such powerful birds
An odd observation, I think.

And, yet… Tucker’s photographs
Are hard to look at
Without seeing symbols and portents.

Eagles – by Tucker Wachsmuth 12/24/20

But of what, exactly?
Maybe freedom or independence
Or, perhaps companionship.

Our chickens keep their heads cocked
One eye always watching upward
Knowing it’s all up to the beholder.

Eagles – by Tucker Wachsmuth 12/24/2020

What is it about us humans
Always looking for answers and reasons?
But it’s hard not to.




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