“It’s getting on for July…”

Jun 28, 2017 | 0 comments

As usual, I am amazed that time is flying by and I can’t keep up. Only two more days and June will be history.  I can just hear my grandmother’s soft voice saying with the same sense of disbelief,  “It’s getting on for July already.  How time flies.”

I almost expect the garden to be glowering at me.  I’ve had so many plans to bring it up to speed.  The sacks of beauty bark sit stacked on the porch where they have been for several weeks now.  The lawn is struggling toward green, despite me dragging my heels on fertilizing – never mind that thatching and aerating part.  And, though I’ve attacked those weeds periodically, here they come, sticking out tongues of green at me.  I can hear their “Nyah Nyah Nyah” loud and clear.

But when I look outside, forgiving green leaves and spots of bright color are actually what I see first.  The rhododendrons that circle the yard, though long finished blooming, soften and mute the many signs of neglect.  The roses and honeysuckle, the poppies and hydrangeas are blooming hysterically and in spite of all.  How lucky I am that they endure, even thrive, with my minimal attention!

It’s probably that I clap and cheer and talk to them each time I go out.  (When I mentioned that to Nyel, he just looked at me.  Not even an eye roll.)  I try to tell them how they brighten my days and make me feel blessed.  How they connect me to the past – my father’s favorite York roses, the honeysuckle that clambers up my grandmother’s pear tree; and the Dorothy Perkins roses that Willard loved.  And here come the daisies and dahlias!  And nasturtiums!

So, bring on July!  I’ll try to do better…


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