It’s getting harder and harder to keep up!

Dec 5, 2023 | 0 comments

Mostly, I don’t even try to “keep up” anymore.  I stopped watching “The News” as in national and international long ago.  There are just too many wars, too many shootings too many alternative lifestyles and multiple personalities for this old mind to deal with.  And to what purpose, anyway?  Long ago I realized that if I could make a difference in this tired and ailing old world, it would have to be up close and personal — by reaching out to someone I could actually touch, perhaps.

So, for the most part, I confine my “news” intake to what I can glean from our local paper and from what I learn from first-hand experience.  I do get the “Morning Newsletter” online from the New York Times which purports to “make sense of the day’s news and ideas” (which it doesn’t always) and the “New York Times Opinion”, also online and from which I sometimes pick and choose from the columnists editorials, and essays.

However, I may have to re-think even that small foray into the world beyond.  This morning’s guest column by Lydia Polgreen  in “Opinion”  began: We live in a society that valorizes individual freedom and lionizes those who march to their own drum.   

In The News

Valorizes? “Is that a word?  Surely not,” I thought.  But yep!  There it was in the online dictionary from good old Merriam Webster.  “ enhance or try to enhance the price, value, or status of by organized and usually governmental action’ 2.  to assign value or merit to.”

To make matters worse, the word has been around since 1906 (talk about being out of the loop!) though, apparently, not much used until the 1960s.  Obviously, I’ve been out of touch with more than the news for even longer than I thought. .  Apologies to Ms. Polgreen! Though, in case you are wondering if I’ve had a change in attitude, please go back to the first sentence of this blog.


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