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Feb 10, 2015 | 1 comment

Letters HomeOn Sunday I received two gifts – one, totally unexpected, from a friend and one that I knew was coming from a woman I’ve yet to meet. Both gifts were appropriate beyond belief. Just my dish of tea, you might say. And what I say is, the ability to give someone the perfect gift is, in itself, a gift,

I found the surprise gift propped up against the pillows on our bed, somewhat hidden by the coats that had been piled there by our House Concert guests. It was a book from my friend Stephanie and she wrote on the enclosed card that she had run across it at Goodwill. Knowing the place letters hold in your life and that of your family, she wrote, I bought it immediately.

The title is Letters Home: Celebrated Authors write to their Mothers. Inside are twenty-five letters beginning with one from St. Catherine of Siena written in “October or November 1376” and ending with one from Wallace Stegner written in 1989 when he was eighty and his mother had been dead for fifty-five years. In between are letters from Samuel Johnson and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and George Sand and Isak Dinesen and… I can’t wait to read them. It is, indeed, the perfect gift.

Necklace by CoralBling

Necklace by CoralBling

The other gift came in a tiny blue bag and was handed to me by my friend Marian. “This is to you from Coral,” she said. Coral had hoped to come Aaron Larget-Caplan’s House Concert but had written that she could not and that she was sending me this gift in admiration for your community spirit for where we live.

Coral makes art jewelry from watercolor art by local artists. Inside the bright blue bag were three small jewelry boxes, each containing pieces from the collection Coral made using miniaturized paintings by our Oysterville neighbor Jean Stamper – three necklaces and a pair of earrings, all depicting the Oysterville Church. What a lovely, thoughtful gift! (For those interested, I understand that Greg has some of Coral’s jewelry for sale at the Oysterville Store.)

To tell you the truth, I am a bit overwhelmed. Plus, I wish I could take lessons in gift-giving from these lovely ladies! Knowing what’s just the right thing for someone is truly a gift of the most special kind!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Sometimes I see things that scream someone’s name and if I can manage it, I get it for them because it gives me such pleasure. If I don’t the chance missed will haunt me. The miniature painting of Oysterville church is exquisite!


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