It’s A Date!

Jan 12, 2016 | 6 comments

Publication Date

Woot! Woot!

Today’s hot-off-the-press – or, in this case, straight from early a.m. email – my new book has a birthing date. According to the Sales Manager: “I am very pleased to inform you that we have scheduled the publication of Jailhouse Stories from Early Pacific County for Monday, June 13, 2016.”

She says further: “I wanted to give you this advance notice so that you can ensure you have time to fit in any media interviews, book signings, or other events that will surround the publication of your book.” Operable words: “events that will surround.”

Old Jail Cell 3

Lock Detail on Old Iron Cell

Actually, even in the best of all possible worlds, I can’t quite imagine what sort of events could surround this particular book. The kickoff book-signing event for K is for Kidnapping the County Seat: The A-B-Cs of Early Government in Pacific County, Washington was held in the rotunda of the County Courthouse – totally appropriate and a terrific venue. For Legendary Locals of the Long Beach Peninsula, the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum hosted a book-signing and celebration for all the ‘legendary locals’ – a perfect party for all of us! For Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Peninsula, Greg Rogers held a candlelight story-telling session at the Oysterville Store, just down the hill from the cemetery – fabulous!

Pacific County Jail Building, 1875-1892

Pacific County Jail Building, 1875-1892

But where to host a book event about early Jailhouse stories? I don’t think the county lockup is appropriate and, anyway, there are undoubtedly space issues what with the usual full-house of inmates. It’s too bad the original county jail building in Oysterville no longer stands.  Of course, its last use was as Mr. Wachsmuth’s chicken shed and it might have retained a rather ‘fowl’ odor. Margaret Olson Park in South Bend, now the site of the original old iron jail cell might be a possibility. Or even Hangman’s Park, also in South Bend, where the infamous hanging of Lum You took place. But outdoor venues are a little tricky, even in June

Well… there are five months to think about it. Meanwhile, I’d better get busy on finishing up the edits…


  1. Cate Gable

    Maybe you could just do a reading in the “commons” with handcuffs on?

    • sydney

      Great idea! But what’s ‘the commons’? And do you have some handcuffs I can borrow?

  2. Caroline Miller

    Congratulations Sydney. I know this feels good.

  3. Nancy Holden

    Now that was funny — Cate Gables comment. Perhaps you could sell a lot of books that way.

  4. Bruce Jones

    Shackles might be more in keeping with the times. Personally I think you would look great in shackles, maybe a pewter finish.

    • sydney

      A fashion statement for sure!


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