It was fun but it wasn’t the same…

Nov 13, 2021 | 1 comment

“Out The Window Art Auction” – Photo by Vicki Carter

In all fairness, CPHM’s “Out The Window Art Auction” was not meant to be the same as its annual “Six by Six” predecessors.  Hence the name change and the differences in entry requirements, presentations, etc.  We knew all that going in, but even so, our visit to the exhibition this morning required some serious self-talk and a great deal of wishful thinking about next year and the years to follow.

I was totally unprepared for the disparity in sizes, approaches and yes, let’s be honest, in the quality of entries.  A few  like Tucker’s  “The Jibe Mark: The Oysterville Regatta” and Marie Powell’s “Window To A Summer Garden” were downright spectacular.  And several — Bruce Peterson’s “Bus – Florence Italy”, Charles Funk’s “Cones & Crow” and Patti Breidenbach’s “Sun Flower Days” reminded me of long-ago experiences with a visceral jolt.

But honestly?  Mark Tyler’s “Daisies” and Don Nisbett’s “Untitled” are the ones that called me back to look again.  And then again.  Was it because they were the only two six-by-sixes?  Perhaps.  I’m a sucker for daisies so Mark’s subject-matter could have been part of the appeal.  But, it definitely wasn’t subject matter with Don’s.  Perhaps composition?  I’m sure not colors.  And I don’t think I’d want to live with it.  But still… those two small pieces were the most compelling for me.

“Out The Window Art Auction” – Photo by Vicki Carter

I’m glad we went and saw the exhibition “up close and personal.”  It was definitely a better way to view each of the pieces than through the online display, though that hasn’t been true in previous years.  I’m not sure exactly why this year’s online presentation didn’t seem as good.  I wonder if it had to do with the disparate sizes and how they were photographed.  Or, more likely it was just me.  Even so, do I think there is a place for such a fundraiser in the future?  You betcha.

But, the Pandemic Gods willing, could we please have both?  There is nothing that can quite compete with the excitement generated at the live Six-by-Six auction with Bruce Peterson auctioneering, Karla Nelson handling the long distance phonelines (better than CenturyLink, you betcha!) and Richard Schroeder providing security NMW (no matter what.)  Add a few bidding wars among friends, a toast or two to the winners (or sometimes the losers!) and food that is as artistic as it is tasty… and it’s the best show in town!  Fingers crossed and paddles raised for next year!

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    It’s the simple details, isn’t it?


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