It might be a steep learning curve…

Apr 22, 2020 | 1 comment

You know what they say about old dogs and new tricks… Not that I’m comparing my husband with an old dog, you understand.  Just sayin’…

For those few beautiful weather days earlier this week, Nyel had the great urge to “do some things” outside.  I’m always all for him “doing things” especially in the “outside” so I put his electric wheelchair in a place for easy access and out he went.  His first desire (and, most certainly, mine) was to attach the watering wand to the hose and water the pots of geraniums and hanging baskets of fuschias on our south porch.

“Are you sure you can reach?” asked anxious Sydney.  “Yes,” came the gruff don’t-be-hovering response.  So I backed off…  But I stayed nearby, just in case things went south.

All Atangle

It all went well.  For a while.  Then… he ran over the hose which wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) ordinarily be a problem.  But somehow, one of the little “tip-back-to-get-down-a-step wheels” at the back of the chair grabbed onto the hose and wouldn’t let go.  “Stop!” I called out, envisioning a disaster in the making.

Of course, Mr. Independence didn’t stop.  Once he ascertained what the problem was (or so he thought because there was no way he could see it and wouldn’t stop long enough to hear the explanation) he backed up and, OF COURSE, compounded the situation.

It took some strong language and a bit of shrieking  on my part to convince him that there was a good possibility that he might tip himself over and that solving the problem would involve his getting out of the wheelchair and taking a look at what was going on.  That meant my getting his other wheelchair, bringing it outside so he could transfer into it, moving the  electric chair so he could see the back of it and blah blah blah.  It took a bit of doing but, eventually… problem solved!  Back to work.

Wheelchair Gardening

Yesterday, it happened again.  That time, though I wasn’t there and Nyel was  oblivious.   It wasn’t until he spoke to me rather sharply about where I should and shouldn’t move one of the hoses and I replied, equally sharply that I hadn’t touched that particular hose, that the penny finally dropped.   But… that’s another story.  Also with a happy ending but not before the “discussion” about yardwork from the wheelchair and necessary safety precautions became rather heated.

Stay tuned.  It’s likely to be a long and complicated spring and summer.


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  1. Betty kennedy

    I understand where you’re coming from. Tom isn’t in wheel chair but his legs are no good.. has walker & cane. He thinks he can still do everything he once did but he can’t!
    Sometimes it’s the time he thought he could clean under the pine tree. Problem was, he didn’t stay upright & fell into the center of the tree. After calling for me & neighbor & no one coming, decided he’d just lay under it & take a nap….neighbor had heard him but didn’t know where he was calling from. When he walked over, saw his feet sticking out, of course, woke him. Needless to say he now wears a “help I’ve fallen & can’t get up” alert just in case. I’m glad to know that sometimes our guys tax our patience & think worrying about them isn’t necessary but in the back of my mind I will, but try not to let him know. So perhaps knowing your not alone is some consolation. Enjoy you day!


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