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Jan 18, 2024 | 5 comments

This Week’s Front Page

I’m beginning to think those words — “better and better” are getting hard to come by in this old world of ours.  But I do want to give a bit of a shout-out to the Chinook Observer.  If you subscribe to our stellar weekly newspaper, I hope you agree with me.  If not, perhaps you’ll consider treating yourself to a weekly look at our area and the people who keep us going — and, of course, the occasional “baddies” who we should all be aware of.  Or at least, so I think.

Yesterday’s paper was a fine example.  Consider the front page headlines:  “Pet Hospital to serve peninsula and beyond,” “Sheriff facing inquiry,” “Willapa ferry study launched,” “Rookie U.S. rep reflects on 1st year,” and “Ellworth Creek plays key climate research role.”

Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez

Coverage of the local scene just doesn’t get better than that!  Topical, informative articles had my mind and emotions running the gamut.  “Good for the pet hospital!” thought I.  But what about the people needs of our area?  t just doesn’t seem to me that our OBH facilities are able to keep up…

And then the article about Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez who is finding that her colleagues in D.C  don’t really share her values or can even command her respect.  That information, while not surprising, saddened me.  I wonder how we can help — or if we can.  I think I’ll start by asking my son Charlie a few questions about possibilities in California.  He’s usually active during Presidential campaigns, at least in his own precinct which includes Congressman Adam Schiff.  I wonder if Marie finds Adam someone with whom she can work readily…

Cathlamet WA to Westport OR Ferry – photo by Matthew Pranger

The ferry study by the graduate students from the University of Washington is also topical, at least to me.  I’ve had numerous questions over the years about the old passenger ferries, the Shamrock and Reliable both of which operated all during my mother’s childhood and were the first leg of any trip to north county and beyond.  However, with our current population and transportation needs, my imagination shudders at the impact on our bay and on the potential ferry landings.  (I mean, have you been to Port Blakely on Bainbridge Island lately?  Or taken the ferry from Anacortes to any of the San Juan Islands?  OMG!  A ferry landing here on the Peninsula would swallow up a good chunk of our landscape.)  But maybe a small ferry like the one that operates between Cathlamet and Westport might work…

And above the masthead — a photo of my favorite local author and a blurb about the lead article in Section Two.  And that’s just the first page of our venerable newspaper.  So much more relevant to my life than any of the big city newspapers!  I highly recommend it — week in and week out!


  1. Lona niemi

    I respectively submit that you are spot on. Our local paper has a plethora of news that affects each and everyone of us in this incredible community. It is a vital communication facet that connects us to people, events and history. We are extremely fortunate to have the talented staff of the Chinook Observer. Three cheers .

    • sydney

      Thanks for weighing in, Lona! Yes!!! We are lucky, indeed!

  2. Gail Pepper

    I have visited Oysterville twice while visiting friends in Ocean Park. I happened to go into a used bookstore in Ocean Park and found a copy of your Uncle Willard’s book Oysterville Toads to Grandpas Village. The copy was signed by Willard and it also had three paper items inside it, including his obituary. I’m not sure who owned the book or why it ended up there. It is a wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m just curious if family members have signed copies of his book?
    Would love to hear back from you. Emailing me would be the easiet way to contact me. I just happened to stumble on this site of yours
    Gail Pepper

  3. Gail Pepper

    I reread the above comment I posted. That obviously should have said Roads to Grandpa’sVillage.
    Sorry for the typo
    Gail Pepper

    • sydney

      Hi Gail,
      Thanks for reaching out — and lucky you! Yes, as far as I know all of Willard’s family members have signed copies of his Oysterville book (as well as of his many other books). Thanks for asking.


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