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Maggie in her Kitchen

Maggie in her Kitchen

The Chinook Observer comes on Wednesdays and now that Nyel and I are shut-ins (well, Nyel for sure but me not so much) it’s our window to the local world. It’s where we learn who’s doing what, possibly to whom, and what all we are missing out on beyond the confines of our immediate neighborhood.

This week I was delighted to see that two people we know are featured prominently – Maggie Stuckey, in the cover story on the Coast Weekend insert, and Bud Goulter, on the front of the second section of the paper, “Peninsula Life.”  We knew the Maggie story was coming, but the Bud feature came as a complete surprise.

Cate Gable had been in touch with me and with other ‘authors’ of recipes in Maggie’s book Soup Night, asking if we would agree to gather for a picture for the article she was writing about Maggie and her book. There was a vague plan to gather in front the Shelburne (David Campiche is another of the recipe donors) at the photographer’s convenience. The next we heard, though, was that Alex Pajunas (the aforementioned photographer) had run Maggie down at her place in Portland and so we would not be needed.

I was delighted – not only to see Maggie’s smiling face but to get a little glimpse of her other residence. And, of course to drool over the thought of going to the Fort George Brewery tonight at 7:00 to sample soups “on tap” and hear another of Maggie’s delightful presentation. Unfortunately, I can drool until I’m awash and I’ll not be able to attend but both Nyel and I wish her well and hope that she sells many books – for the sake of the buyers as well as for the author! It is a fabulous book!

Bud at the Cemetery

Bud at the Cemetery

The story about Bud was another matter entirely. The last time Bud was at our house, he scolded me in no uncertain terms about having talked to the paper about our cemetery and probably causing the latest round of vandalism there. “Your picture was right there in the article,” he said. I was mystified until I realized that it was a picture I had taken, not a picture of me.”

And after all that, here is a huge picture of Bud, himself, (and other pictures of the Oysterville Cemetery, too) in an article titled “Cemetery Residents Live on in Bud Goulter’s Heart.” It was an article by Natalie St. John and I just had to smile. I am sure that Bud complained not only to me, but to the newspaper, as well, about her first article – the one in which I was quoted, presumably causing the metal thieves to target our cemetery. How clever it was that they made him the feature this time… Maybe that, indeed, was what our wily old neighbor was after!

Oh my! Did I really say that?


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