In my eyes as the beholder? Fun! Fun! Fun!

Jan 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Yesterday, at last, I dove into my new book — or at least I’m hoping that it will come together in book form eventually, as planned.  The subject?  People! Working title:  “Saints or Sinners?”

Some of my subjects I’ve known (and some of those all too well) and many I’ve become acquainted with only through reputation.  Some were (or are) movers and shakers in their day; some might have been the opposite.  All were personalities of the first order and their stories should make for entertaining reading.  They definitely make for engrossing writing!

And those are about the only hints I’m willing to give just yet.  Because, like so many grand schemes and ideas, this one could easily go bust.  I will say this, though:  I’m not confining my subjects to the denizens of Oysterville or even to the Peninsula — not yet.    Never mind if they’ve been written about before — gathering bits and pieces of information, putting stories in  new contexts, adding tales that were never told in print form — that’s the challenge.  And, if you have a favorite local character — historic or otherwise — that you think would make a good subject, send me an email and let’s “talk.”

Bottom line, of course, is how successful I am at researching the facts, corroborating the stories and, if possible, finding appropriate pictures.  Oh, yes!  And then writing something at once compelling and entertaining.  We’ll see…


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