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Dec 8, 2014 | 4 comments

Oysterville Christmas Lights 2012

Oysterville Christmas Lights 2012

One of those wise old sayings that we drag out now and then is “Be careful what you wish for.” I think another one might be “Be careful what you begin…” – as in traditions to be followed year after year. I’m speaking specifically here about the wonderful snowflake lights that have glistened over Territory Road for the last few years.

Our neighbors Bradley and Dan have been the Christmas Elves here in Oysterville since 2011 or maybe even earlier. (How soon we forget!) They have taken it upon themselves – actually, Bradley is always the instigator and Dan, the worker-bee) – to decorate the town for Christmas. This has involved hanging wreathes in every window of the church, hiring a man-lift to place lights in Johnny’s Tree at the Schoolhouse and even ‘constructing’ a gigantic Christmas tree in front of the church.

Last year and the year before they outdid themselves by stringing fairytale snowflake lights across Territory Road from one end to the other.  As those lights came on each evening, Oysterville was transformed into a winter wonderland.   People came from miles around (Really! Even from Astoria!) to see Oysterville at twilight, just as the lights came on but the streetscape was still dimly visible. It was enchantment, itself, and in our minds those snowflake lights became an Oysterville tradition. Just that quick!

Oysterville Church Doors 2012

Oysterville Church Doors 2012

So, as might be expected, the questions on everyone’s lips are, “Will there be wreaths in the Church this year?” and “When are the Christmas snowflakes going up?”

The short answer to the first question is “Yes, next week.” and to the second is “Not this year.” The reasons that wreaths are late and snowflakes will remain in storage are complicated. When asked, Bradley cited Dan’s recent back injury and laughingly said, “Bottom line – Oysterville residents are too old and too infirm this year.” The implication is, of course, that we’ll be younger and more able next year… We can but hope!


  1. Bradley Huson

    Hi Sydney. Just a few comments/clarifications…Dan and I put the snowflakes up just one year in 2012. Last year we put lights on the church. In 2010 and 2011 we put lighted trees along Territory road. I would like to point out, that while I like to put decorations up in Oysterville, Dan is not so excited about it. Probably because he does most of the work. . This year, I decided not to do anything, except the wreaths on and in the church. There are several things that people don’t seem to understand in Oysterville. 1, is that it takes a great deal of time and money to do what we have been doing. 2,no matter what we do, we get as many negative, back -stabbing comments as we do positive ones. 3, lighting that we have done in the past, especially the snowflakes, depends upon the total darkness of the village. Since we have started putting lights up, other people have started putting lights up as well,which i think is great, and adds to the community spirit of the village, but, it doesn’t add to the aesthetic value of what we do. And,4, as Dan pointed out to me, when we put the snowflakes up, before they were removed, two of the persons whose electricity we were using, unplugged them, which in our opinion, ruined the entire display. As Dan said, “I would have rather given the two parties $5 each to keep the electricity on, because it certainly didn’t cost that much to keep the lights on” , as they are low voltage. It would be my suggestion in the future, if the village wants to have a Christmas display, that we would have some kind of consensus about what is going on during the summer or early fall, so everyone would get on the same page. That kind of planning and organization seems like a pipe dream to me, however,since no two parties ever fully agree about anything in Oysterville as far as I can see and even if they do, they’ll change their minds and do whatever they want to in the end, which makes it impossible to plan to do anything. Sorry to sound Scrooge-like.

    • sydney

      Dear Scrooge,
      Well, just goes to show you how trustworthy my memory is! Those snowflakes were so wonderful that it seemed like we’d had them more than once. Also, I’m sorry you feel under-appreciated. As you must know from my Christmas-time blogs and from the many responses to them over the years (to say nothing of all the positive attention your Christmas decorations get from locals and visitors!), you are MUCH appreciated by many of us. As for the flip side of life here in Oysterville (and elsewhere) — it’s not the side I choose to focus on. I’ll leave those bah humbug comments to you! You do them better than anyone I know which, to me, is another of your endearing qualities!
      Signed, Pollyanna of Oysterville

  2. Greg

    There are a few here who come to town only to be critical. They exist everywhere and are easy to spot for their negativity, lack of ideas and trouble-making. However, there are far more here who are interested in contributing to this place that we too find so special.

    Oysterville has always seen an ebb and flow of people. The trick to successful aging is the adaptation to new ideas and people. Some get this, some don’t. Walk away from the latter and say thank you energy and new ways of seeing our “old friend”.

  3. Greg

    Another trick for successful aging is good proof-reading, right Sydney?? Sheesh


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