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Jan 17, 2023 | 0 comments

By early afternoon yesterday, the leaky pipe under the house had been repaired (actually, replaced) and all water-related systems were “go.”   Water ran freely from each and every faucet, the refrigerator’s ice-maker was operating once more, toilets flushed at the drop of a lever, and all was well with the world.

Again, I must apologize to all of our Sunday House Concert musicians and guests who managed the water crisis with hardly a raised eyebrow.  AND, considering that the median age of the group (discounting the musicians) couldn’t have been much less than 70, I feel I must congratulate you all on excellent bladder control!  Only one toilet was flushed; the others not even used as far as I could tell.  Well done, music lovers!!!

As you might imagine, though, the kitchen was in a bit of a turmoil.  Someone had neatly stacked all the dirty dishes and put the silverware in a large bowl of water.  And more than one person apologized for not being able to fill the dishwasher, but “the plates really needed rinsing first.”

Not to worry.  I did two big dishwasher loads immediately following the plumber’s departure and went to bed with a spotless house and only happy memories of the House Concert.  Another adventure in this soggy season which is bound to go down in history as “The Wicked Winter of ’23.”

Or maybe it’s just me.  But it seems I’ve been colder, more apt to be schlepping firewood through the rain from the woodshed, and more reluctant to venture forth, even to the post office, than for many-a-year.

The first day of spring is March 20th this year — 62 more days!  I can hardly wait, weather-wise.  And, if I could write a story a day between now and then, I might have the first draft of a new book completed…    Tah Dah!!!





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