I’m All Done In and It Wasn’t The Gin!

Jul 23, 2023 | 2 comments

Kuzzin Kris and Her Little Red Wagon

No!  Unlike whoever Eliza Doolittle was talking about, it wasn’t the gin that done me in.  It was the kuzzins — Kris Jones and her brother Bruce Jones.  (We didn’t even have any gin.)  And, besides that, they aren’t my kuzzins.  They are first cousins of some of my 2nd cousins  which, scientifically (probably), makes them shirttail relatives.  I really think they might be my siblings separated at birth and with different parents.

We aren’t really all that much alike.  Kris is a singer — an opera singer back in the day — is deeply into meditation — and remembers every joke her Grandfather L.D. Williams ever told her. (And repeats them in his voice.  Totally.)  She lives in Eugene, Oregon, teaches voice, meditation, and works with the University music people there to do fabulous productions or at least that’s what I think.  I’ve never seen her “in action.”

Bruce Jones, Seriously

Bruce and I have one tiny thread in common — we both worked for Blue Cross of Northern California, but about ten years apart.  Otherwise, he’s way smarter about things like spreadsheets and math-y things and now that he’s retired, he is an artist — watercolors, stone sculpure etc.  He lives in Guallala, California and is heavy into the art scene there.  He’s also on the Sewage Board. And maybe other things.  I have never succeeded in having a straightforward conversation with him — everything always goes zany right away and  I laugh until my eyes water.  (And so does he.)

So… they arrived Friday evening, and they fit right into the Friday Night Gathering — even weighing in on the serious subjects at hand like the disturbing news that there seems to be a John Birrch Society alive and well in Pacific County.  They, like I, remember the 1970s and the disaster the John Birchers created in Orange County, California — a disaster that still reverberates in Southern California.

Happy Birthday to Kris!

Saturday we spent time playing cribbage (them), eating (all of us), and checking out the place Kris lived in Ocean Park a few years back.  We also went up to the Cemetery to say “Hi” to Nyel and mostly just reminisced about our childhoods — when they were little and ran roughshod over their cousins at the red house and I was already a sophisticated teenager and really don’t remember them at all!  (To be fair, they don’t remember me either.  We obviously travelled in different circles.)

Today was Kris’s 83rd birthday and Bruce took us both out to breakfast in Ocean Park.  We tried to behave — so hard with those two — and afterwards they headed south, homeward bound, and I returned to Oysterville for a few minutes.  And then… another day another blog is needed to tell “the rest of the story.”


  1. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz, NEVER have I had so much fun with two other people! It was a dynamite weekend, and I am thrilled to have laughed until we couldn’t barely move; played like we should have as kids; ran rampant over the peninsula with Joy In Our Hearts! Thank you for your gracious hospitality and the Best Birthday Ever!!! Love, KK ps: your review of the weekend was mostly accurate… <3, <3, <3

  2. Bruce jones

    You’re both right, of course, we’ll, except for the problems with memory, exaggeration, making things up, over exhilaration and having too much fun. It was wonderful.


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