If you missed the Nov. 1st History Forum…

Nov 4, 2023 | 0 comments

…or even if you didn’t, pour yourself a cup of coffee, fire up your computer and go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcCjIOEeXDg.  Michael Lemeshko’s video (all in one piece this time and complete with visual aids!) is up and running.  And, even if you were there, if you are like I am, you will come away hearing more than you did when you were up close and personal!  Annoyingly, I even knew immediately the names of things I couldn’t think of at the time!  Doncha just hate when that happens?

Dr. Elijah White

Besides the story of Willie Kiel’s unusual trek along the Oregon Trail to get to Pacific County in 1855, Steve Rogers peppered his talk with lots of fascinating information about North County, about Baby Island, and about other bits of fascinating early Pacific County history.  And besides that, he had us all laughing with his banter about the infamous Kidnapping of the County Seat from Oysterville and some gentle offers of loaning it back to us… or something like that!

Michael’s presentation on Pacific City turned out to be a Power Point Program complete with plat maps and photos of a few the early property owners of that ill-fated endeavor.  We all got a better idea of just where Elijah White’s dream city might have been located and a  glimpse of the man himself — just enough to make us all wonder if he was an impassioned promoter or a downright shyster.  In addition, Michael had some great suggestions for sources for those who would like to follow-up with a bit of research of their own.

And as for the “audience” — fabulous participation!  In fact, let’s scratch the word “audience” and call the participants exactly what they were — a forum-in-the-making!  Hooray!  Next step (maybe) a website where we can “carry on” between our First Wednesday get-togethers!  Fingers crossed!




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