If it isn’t one thing…

Jan 5, 2013 | 2 comments

I spent a bit of time this morning looking at The Old Farmer’s 2013 Almanac hoping to learn why yesterday had been such a bad day and whether today would be better.  Since my troubles were all related to technology, I wasn’t hopeful about my quest but thought that something – perhaps sunspots or electrical storms in the stratosphere – might be mentioned.  What I really need, of course, is “A Modern-day Blogger’s Guide to Cyberspace.”

Yesterday began with a trip to Long Beach to visit my “go-to” website person.  I wanted to find out why I hadn’t heard from him regarding the interface between my website and facebook.  When it works properly, my blog goes to both simultaneously but for several weeks that hasn’t been happening and there has been only silence from my current webmaster.

I was amazed to learn from that visit that the software I’ve been using for the past almost-three-years is a “widely-known as a finicky third-party software” and that, unbeknownst to me, Mr. Go-To has been waiting for the current problem “to fix itself.”   Whew!  I am still trying to wrap my mind around that.

Later in the day, I discovered that Microsoft Word had apparently disappeared from my computer during last spring’s meltdown and the program that I’ve been using ever since is a limited version – no “extras” like the ability to insert footnotes, etc.  So, I bit the proverbial bullet, contacted the Microsoft people and agreed to purchase the current full-blown version of Word.  I paid; they downloaded…

BUT, mid-download the internet went kerflooey.  I called my server-person and worked with him for an hour or so.  He finally concluded that it was not my computer but a problem with my either telephone line or with my modem – probably the telephone line.  He put it a fix-it ticket “but it won’t be until Monday that they can get to it.”  Of course!  At least he didn’t suggest that we wait and see if it fixes itself…

Shortly, me ‘n my trusty laptop are going on a search for a Wi-Fi connection.  Maybe I can post my blog and find out what happened to the halfway downloaded Word program.  Or maybe I’ll find out that Oysterville in not in this vortex alone… maybe it’s the entire peninsula.  Or even the world.  Unfortunately, The Farmer’s Almanac didn’t provide a single clue.


  1. Nancy

    Great writing! Although I could almost feel your frustration, the humor prevailed throughout. This reader will be forever grateful that you decided to continue your daily “musings”…

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    I know what it’s like to have technological difficulties, Sydney, and I hope you have them straightened out soon!


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