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Feb 8, 2018 | 4 comments

“Heart’s Content” by Martha Hinson

It doesn’t pay to relax.  No siree!  Not for a single minute.  Now it’s a failing drain field.  Maybe.  Pleasegodno I keep thinking.  But sometimes… you just know.

These days, you can’t just dig a new hole and move the outhouse.  And ditto a new septic tank and drain field.  There are too many of us and that means rules and regulations so we can keep our impact minimized.  Especially here near the bay.  We’re all for that.  But… now might be the time to win the lottery or, at the very least buy a ticket.  I understand these new fangled septic systems cost an arm and a leg.  At least.

The experts tell us that if Oysterville didn’t exist, it couldn’t be settled where it is today.  The water table is too high (and getting higher), we’re too close to the bay, and the million-dollar oyster industry is under enough environmental stress without our adding to the s***list, so to speak.  Fair enough.  But pleasegodno.

Our Lower Meadow in Winter

Sewage is a big problem here on the Long Beach Peninsula.  We don’t have a peninsula-wide sewer system.  Only the incorporated parts of the county have that luxury (or problem, take your pick.)  Both Long Beach and Ilwaco are struggling to keep up with state regulations.  They are dealing with ‘biosolids’ (a fancy term for certain kinds of sewage sludge, as I understand it) and trying to upgrade to Department of Ecology Standards.  Bottom line:  our winter rainfall makes the usual disposal methods unacceptable here.  Wouldn’t you know.

It all comes back to too many of us wanting to be right here on the western edge. Today it’s sewage; tomorrow a tsunami.  It doesn’t pay to relax.  Not for a minute!


  1. Dian Schroeder


  2. Charjacobs

    I am learning to go with the flow around here!

  3. Caroline Miller

    A classic example of loving something to death. Sorry.

    • sydney

      Huh? I think I’m missing something?


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