I do believe she’s a little P.O.’d!

Aug 10, 2022 | 3 comments

Still Standing At 2:30 This Morning

Wow!  That was some light show that Mother Nature put on for us last night!  Two ayem — and I’m pretty sure it was the light, not the noise, that woke me up.  My bedroom was as bright as day — but blinking on – off – on – off.  And then… the thunder.  It seemed to begin south of us, came right overhead, and then travelled north.

The whole performance seemed leisurely — lots of lightning for a prolonged period and then the thunder blasted forth — also for a prolonged period.  When is was smack dab overhead, I actually went out to the dining room and looked across the street at the church.  I knew (No.  Make that hoped) I was being foolish, but I went to check on the steeple.  Was it still there?  And if it weren’t, could the Mack Brothers and Sons replicate it as their mentor Ossie Steiner had done in 1980?

I didn’t really think about this house.  I did remember my dad worrying when the house shimmied and shook in heavy winds.  “Oh, Bill!” my mom would say.  “It’s stayed standing for storm after storm for more than 100 years.  I don’t think it’s going to collapse during this one.”  My dad didn’t argue — after all she’d spent at least twenty years growing up here before he came along… But he always looked skeptical.

This old house in the early part of the 20th century — when it was younger. And so were we.

I guess I, too, feel safe within these walls, at least weather-wise.  Tsunami-wise, earthquake-wise, fire-wise — probably not so much.  But so far, I’m counting on Mother Nature to continue to look on us favorably here.  In comparison to so many, we are mighty lucky.  Though I do think she was having a bit of a temper tantrum last night.  I wonder what pissed her off?  I hope whoever/whatever it was has seen the error of their ways and made amends somehow.  I’m counting on a good night’s sleep tonight!


  1. mary garvey

    I don’t think she was pissed off. It is supposed to be a lionsgate new energy that is bursting forth and related to divine feminine etc. At least that is what facebook said.

  2. Anthony Pfannenstiel

    Yes, what a glorious night last night. Haven’t seen that much celestial activity for ages. I felt over awed. Thunder and lightening. Wow.

  3. Deborah L Wells

    Was very loud and yes lots lightning and thunder and my little kitty did not join me and I was sure she would!! Debbie


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