I call them “My Birthday Camellias”

Nov 23, 2020 | 0 comments

A Center Piece of Camellias

From the time I moved to Oysterville full time, and as long as she was able, my mother’s birthday gift to me always included camellias from the bush just outside the library window.  The last time was for my 60th birthday, February 28, 1996.  She came to our house on the bay for dinner and brought me camellias and a shiny yellow rain hat!

All these years later, I still wear the hat.  But I no longer count on those camellias for my birthday.  It’s not because Mom is no longer in the picture.  No.  It’s because those camellias have bloomed earlier and earlier each year until, in recent years, they are “over” by my birthday!

Three Months Early

This morning as I did my garden walkabout I saw that already there is a bud showing color on that bush.  Three full months early!!  Last year they were in full bloom in January but, at the rate they are coming on this year, we will have camellias in time for Christmas!

I’m sure it has to do with Climate Change rather than weather patterns.  It’s not like some years they are back to February blooming and other years they bud out two or three months early.  No.  It’s been a steady, gradual change.  I haven’t paid so much attention to the other garden denizens, although I did note that the hyacinths are already poking up along the bed borders.

I don’t quite know how I feel about those changes.  I’m not sure of all the ramifications.  Only that the Birthday Camellia has apparently changed loyalties.  I’m not quite sure whose birthday she is celebrating now.  Stay tuned for the full bloomin’ news — probably in late December or early January.



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