Hurry! Scurry! But Mostly Blurry!

Dec 3, 2019 | 0 comments

Now that I’m well into my nineteenth year of retirement,  my memory about those 40+ working years has become a bit selective.  I’m especially blurry about the hard parts — like getting ready for the holidays “around the edges.”

How did we ever have time?  For sure we did with less sleep.  Somehow, even without the internet to help us, we managed to shop for presents, get them wrapped and sent (in time!), get a tree (and sometimes poinsettias), decorate inside and out ( swags hand-made by Nyel) and even, some years, bake Christmas cookies or plan for a party.  All the while, overseeing all the Christmas activities for 25 or 30 school children, working on the traditional Christmas program and planning/supervising the classroom Christmas party.

I realize that this very description (the school part, that is) dates me considerably.  I don’t think there are “Christmas” activities at most schools these days.  Maybe “holiday” celebrations.  Or, has it become politically correct just to ignore the whole season?

I’m not even sure and, frankly, don’t want to know.  I find those thoughts a bit depressing.  In any case, my heart goes out to teachers and, indeed, to all working folks who are trying “to do it all” at this time of year.  And not only trying to do it all, but trying to do it with as little commercialism attached as possible.

But perhaps that isn’t a goal these days either — another thing I’m really not sure about anymore.  And, now that the internet has become our strong right arm as far as shopping goes… and, actually, now that shopping for ready-made gifts has replaced the home-made presents we once labored over… perhaps “the season” is easier for working folks.

I hope so.  I hope there is still joy in joyeux Noel and merry in Merry Christmas despite all the hurry scurry and ready-made everything.  Mostly, I hope that all of us take time for a little nap or two along the way .




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