Hunches, Inklings, and Glimmers… Oh My!

Aug 17, 2017 | 1 comment

Ready and Waiting

Of the two of us, Nyel is the ‘just the facts’ one.  He’s not much for surmising or second-guessing, or speculating.  So, yesterday morning when he said, “…and you probably should bring an overnight bag…” I didn’t question his judgement. Meds, cosmetics, toothbrush, a couple of changes of clothes and my trusty computer went along with us to his appointment with his cardiologist.  When Nyel has a hunch, I’ve found it best to listen.

It was a regularly scheduled appointment but…   as it turned out, Nyel was absolutely right.  After a brief meeting with the doctor, he arranged for a bed in the cardiac unit at Emanuel Hospital and here we are.  Again.  Probably until Tuesday.  I think it’s the seventh time since last Christmas.

Solar Eclpise 1999

This time, the plan is to bring in a team of specialists and to run a series of tests to find out why in the world Nyel has been on this revolving door plan between hospital and home.  At the end of each stay here, everything looks good; a few days at home and not good at all.  Perhaps, the doctor says, it’s because one of his key meds is being delivered by IV in the hospital and orally at home.  Perhaps his system is having trouble absorbing the oral delivery. That’s his hunch, anyway.  And that’s what he hopes to determine.  We aren’t sure what that might mean but, presumably, if they can find out the cause of the problem, then a more effective plan for treatment can be developed.  We feel a glimmer of hope.

Meanwhile, as we watched the news last night we suddenly realized that we may well be here in the big city for the eclipse on Monday.  Damn!  I was planning to do a little chicken research that day.  I had thought that I’d park myself out by the coop for an hour or so on either side of the magic two minutes of totality and see what our girls do.  Will they go to roost?  And will they ‘wake up’ when the light level returns?  I’m pretty sure they will… but it’s just an inkling.  I’ve asked them, but they don’t seem to have a plan.  Or even know what I’m talking about.  Not a glimmer.

Safety First!

In a way, though, we are hoping for a late rather than early discharge.  We are thinking that the traffic coming and going from Portland will be unmanageable for a while.  And it could be a serendipity that the hospital’s helicopter pad is just off the cardiac unit.  We have gone there many a-time on Nyel’s obligatory walks through the hallways.  If it’s not in use on Sunday, I wonder if it will be a gathering place for elipse viewingg by staff and mobile patients?  Will someone have the solar-eclipse-viewing glasses-franchise?  My pinhole camera is the one thing I didn’t think to pack!

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  1. Caroline Miller

    Think the eclips will last 3 minutes. Nyles problem lasting a little longer. I hope there’s an answer.


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