Hot! Hot! Hot!

Jun 23, 2018 | 0 comments

…and rising.

As we came over the Siskiyous and dropped down into the Sacramento Valley, the temperature display on the car rose alarmingly.  102°, 104°, 107°!  Even with our air conditioner going full blast, the sun beating through the windows seemed to be winning the heat race.  But, it wasn’t until we exited our more-or-less climate-controlled zone of comfort at a rest stop that we really got the full impact.

Golden Hills

Ah yes!  Instant memories of driving through the Valley in mom and dad’s old 1939 Plymouth.  Overheated radiators.  Flat tires.  Windows down and blasting hot air.  Windows up and suffocation.  Those “good old days” were a misery in the Valley heat.  Plus, I don’t think that car could do more than 50 miles per.

Roasted Beet Salad

We usually made the trip on the old Route 99.  It was faster by a day than Highway 1 along the coast   And, then, there were the years that Interstate 5 was being built.  Long delays while they were blasting through the mountains up ahead.  Or at least I think that’s what I remember.  The four-lane I-5 finally opened in 1966 – by then I’d been driving, myself, for fourteen years – a series of VW bugs – and Charlie and Marta were ten and twelve years old.  It was a faster drive but it was still a furnace in the summer.  I can’t remember when I first had a car with air conditioning.  Maybe not until the 1980s.

Sydney and Marta

Even so, I loved seeing the familiar signposts yesterday – Corning, Williams, Arbuckle – and then the turn onto Highway 505 toward the Bay Area.  The glorious golden hills began to appear and the temperature dipped down into the nineties.  By seven when we met Marta for dinner in Corte Madera, it was a comfortable 78° and I felt as though the day had transformed me into a California Girl again!  Almost.


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