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Jun 25, 2013 | 3 comments

Wrinkled Eggs

Two Wrinkled Eggs

According to the notation on our calendar, tomorrow or the next day we should be the proud foster parents of six baby chicks.  Ms. Broody will have been tending her eggs for three weeks.  More or less tending, that is.  And it’s the “less” that we’re concerned about.

Nyel claims that almost every time he is out near the broody pen, she is off the nest and sitting around sunning herself and otherwise having a good time.  She is not an attentive mother-to-be.   On the plus side, each time I’ve been down there she has either been on the nest or, if not, the eggs have been nice and warm as if she just that minute deserted her post.

The bottom line is, though, that Nyel is down in that part of the garden much more frequently than I am.  So, we are not counting those chicks yet.

Back at the main coop, we continue to get two or three eggs a day from our three non-broody girls.  When it’s three, there are usually two tan eggs and a light blue one.  One of the tan eggs is often really weird.  It’s wrinkled and a bit misshapen.

Our neighbor April was here today when Nyel came in from gathering eggs.  The weird egg was even stranger than usual and April’s immediate reaction was, “Oh!  Home schooled!”  I, of course, dissolved into laughter, although as a retired public school teacher, I was not sure the analogy would hold up.  In my experience, home-schooled kids are hard to distinguish from any other kids.  In fact, often they are more highly skilled in the things that matter.

But, come to think of it, all our hens are the same age – scarcely a year old – and there have never been any old aunty hens in the coop with them to show them the ropes.  Or, in their case, the ways of egg-laying and chick-hatching.  I know that instinct is supposed to count for a lot; perhaps this is a matter of ‘practice makes perfect.’

We’ll know more on Wednesday or Thursday.  And meanwhile, the eggs within those wrinkled shells are perfect.  So, don’t go judging a book by its cover… appearances aren’t everything…  etc.


  1. Jo

    I love your stories about “the girls”. Though, I have to say, I’ve never seen a wrinkled egg before! Maybe they are just artistic hens, expressing their individuality!

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    My goodness! I’ve never seen wrinkled eggs before! Were the girls in a mood? What causes that? I, too, enjoy your stories of “the girls.” Dave remains envious.

  3. April

    Ha! Just to be clear I support homeschooling 100%. If I had children, I would most definitely home school my children. I totally agree that homeschooled kids are smarter and more skilled! 🙂


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