Holiday Picnic at Our House!

May 31, 2021 | 0 comments

Lynn Madigan In Full Picnic Mode!

It’s not every day (or even every holiday!) that friends bring a picnic right in through your front door!  But that’s what happened at our place today!  At high noon here came Michael and Lynn Madigan with fried chicken, green bean salad, pissaladèire which was a flatbread with all sorts of goodies on top. Plus oysters on the half shell ready for the barbecue.  Oh, yes.  And Prosecco.  Close on their heels came Pat and Erik Fagerland with potato salad, ice tea and, most importantly, the grill.  (We could have supplied that but… we were told just to set the table and set ourselves down.  So we did.)

Michael Madigan Prepping Oysters For The Grill

We’d had a couple of days notice — enough so I could get a messy “project” cleared off the dining room table, a new leaf added, and six places set with Fiesta Ware and Sterling Silver.  I have to say here that the old oak table hardly knew what was happening.  She’s been laden with project after project since the sheltering began and having a luncheon party was almost more than she could manage!  But she and I both thought the bright dishes and gleaming utensils (recently polished during one of those “projects”) made the old dining room look especially festive.

And, I’d suggest you eat your hearts out looking at the pictures but none of us (spelled N-O-N-E) of us with our fancy schmancy cell phone cameras thought to take pictures once the food was set upon the table.  We were way too busy talking and eating, eating and talking!  It was fabulous!




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