Here Come the Cuzzins!

May 6, 2013 | 0 comments

Cuzzins Virg and CherylCheryl, my third cousin twice removed (I think) and her husband Virg arrive for a few days’ visit today.  I think of them as “Cuzzins” as opposed to the second cousins, both once and twice removed, who are the “Red House Cousins.”  (It was Cheryl’s brother Ralph who began our particular branch calling one another “Cuzzin.”)

I also think of C&V as the “Healthy Cuzzins.”  Not that the RHCs are unhealthy.  It’s just that C&V make an entire lifestyle out of healthy endeavors.  They eat wisely and sparingly.  They follow an exercise routine of an hour or more every single morning.  They hike or ride their bikes for multi-miles every day.

And, lest anyone think they aren’t well-rounded, I hasten to add that in addition to their interest in boats (a big one at their place at Lake Chelan) and cars (a ‘vette, among others), they are both musicians of the first order – Virg, clarinet; Cheryl, flute and piccolo.  They are retired music teachers and, until they sold their place here at the beach, they played with the North Coast Symphonic Band.

Three or four years back they moved up to Lacey to be near Cheryl’s (now) 95-year-old dad.  They spend winters on this side of the mountains (with a month or so thrown in to visit family in Arizona) and summers water skiing and cycling and following other outdoor pursuits at the lake.  Always they are on call to help out Mr. Jeffords if need be.

They had a place here ‘at the beach’ for years before we knew them at all.  It was Cuzzin Ralph who lives in far-off Virginia who kept trying to get us together (he being the present-day family genealogist and keep-tracker of who is related and who needs to get acquainted.)  Once we finally met, we saw each other frequently even though, by their standards, we must be the “Sedentary Cuzzins.”  Then they moved.

Nowadays we see them only a couple of times a year, sometimes on their turf, sometimes on ours.  When they come to Oysterville they always arrive with the first meal in hand.  Today’s menu will include flank steak marinating and ready to go on the barbecue plus all the side dishes!

Oh boy!  Here they come!


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