Help Me To Understand

Jul 25, 2020 | 0 comments

Tom Akerlund

If you were a student,  a teacher, a parent, or worked or volunteered in any capacity in the Ocean Beach School District from the 1970s until well into the 2000s… and if you worked at a school where Tom Akerlund was principal… the words “help me to understand” probably sound familiar.  No matter whether it was a problem on the playground or a matter of divergent views at a faculty meeting, Tom’s first response was always, “Help me to understand.”

A great opening for problem-solving of any kind, and so often in the last few months have those words come to mind!  Help me to understand, for instance, why the words “peaceful protest” or the phrase “informed dissent” no longer resonate in our society.  Help me to understand why there isn’t a much larger hue and cry about Trump sending federal agents into cities like Portland and Seattle, even over the objections of the governors and mayors?  Troops are also being deployed to Albuquerque, Chicago, Kansas City. From what I have read, Trump’s troops in Portland have escalated the problems — not helped.  I don’t know about the other cities.  Help me to understand.

Portland, OR

Why have only the Democrats in Congress objected?  Help me to understand.  Why has everything that Trump does become politicized?  Help me to understand.  Why do I not feel safe from the leadership in my own country?  Help me to understand.

Pittsburg, PA

And yes, I’ve read all the things that you, my readers, have also read.  By now, my question is rhetorical.  Please don’t advise me to read any more or to listen to any more talking heads.  None of it helps me to understand.  I’m sick of all of it and sick at heart.  How did we allow ourselves to get to this point?   Please God can we find a peaceful solution at the polls in November.  If not, I will never understand, no matter who tries to help me.







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