Heart Healthy Soup and Turkey Sandwiches

Jan 2, 2017 | 2 comments

Visitors bearing gifts of food and a personalized show-and-tell performance from Oysterville’s very own Peter Pan – what could be a better beginning to a New Year!   Plus, Nyel was out of bed most of the day!  In his bathrobe and slippers, to be sure, but “up and taking nourishment” and being happily distracted from his very much unwanted ‘invalid’ state.

First, Cousin Abby Hook Ronco bopped over from the Red House.  She brought some decaffeinated tea with her (“I love it.  I always carry it in my purse!” she said) and I made Nyel a cup on the spot.  For a lifelong double espresso aficionado, decaffeinated anything will take a bit of getting used to, but… one step at a time.

On Our Piano — A Few of Tucker’s Cards and Ornaments

Then came Sandy Stonebreaker with a big container of homemade “heart healthy” soup – almost looked like a hearty (no pun intended) beef stew – plus a loaf of bread still warm from the oven!  We enjoyed both for dinner and there is even soup left for lunch today, plus plenty of bread for sandwiches.

And speaking of sandwiches… last in our parade of food-bearing visitors came Tucker and Carol with turkey slices and hunks, vacuum packed and frozen!  Tomorrow’s lunch on the road back to Portland for fine-tuning Nyel’s heart – turkey sandwiches!  (That turkey sort of came full circle.  It was to be our Christmas dinner but we left it, uncooked, with Carol as we made the dash to Portland on the 24th!)

Tucker also brought several boxes of his hand-made wooden ornaments to show us.  A few years ago, I blogged (https://sydneyofoysterville.com/2014/an-amazing-body-of-work/) about Tucker’s yearly Christmas gift to friends and relatives – his hand-made Christmas Cards.  I might also have mentioned that, in addition to those cards, Tucker makes wooden ornaments for each of the people in attendance at Carol’s annual Christmas Dinner.

Some of Tucker’s Many Hand-made Wooden Ornaments

This year, the plan was for Carol and Tucker to come here for dinner on Christmas and so Tucker made an ornament/place card for each of us, too. He gave them to us on our rush out of town—personalized Christmas reindeer that graced our trays of hospital food in Nyel’s room on the 25th!

Yesterday, he showed us all of the ornaments he has made over the years – Carol’s and his from Christmas dinners going back to the first one of their marriage forty-plus ago.  It was the most diverting and entertaining way I can imagine to spend a winter afternoon.  Not once but several times afterwards Nyel spoke of one or another of the ornaments and said, “That man is wasting his talents!”

But maybe not.  Tucker’s show-and-tell went a long way to cheering us up.  That’s not a waste of anything by my reckoning!  Not by a long shot.


  1. Cynthia Killingsworth

    I wish we were there to give you both huge hugs and I’m glad you’re finally getting to enjoy a real Christmas!

    • sydney

      Thanks Cynthia. Wish it were so. Nyel isn’t doing well. We are back in Portland as of Tuesday the 3rd to see his Drs and get some answers… Pray.


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