Hats Off to Hats!

Dec 11, 2012 | 1 comment

Now that we are approaching the winter solstice, I can’t really think why I was so busy all last summer, but I must have been.  I allowed my scrapbooking (which really only involves slapping photographs in albums and labeling them) to fall way behind.  In fact, when I began to catch up right after Thanksgiving, I hadn’t printed, looked at, sorted or thought about any pictures beyond May 31st!

By diligent effort, I am now up to September.  That was the month of our 25th Anniversary and I have not only the pictures I took, but marvelous collections from friends Te Davis and Peggy Blekov.  So many, in fact, that I think the event is deserving of its own album.  (YIKES!  Will I ever catch up?)

Of course, as I work on these never-ending albums, I get caught up in looking and enjoying and remembering.  But isn’t that the point?  In fact, now that our minds are growing fuzzy with age, I think of those shelves of scrapbooks as our Personal Reference Library.  We are forever looking up when something happened or who was there or where we saw that whatever-it-was.  Those photographs are also a wonderful reminder of how we looked ‘back then’ and what we were wearing and when, exactly, we recovered the couch or planted the apple trees or…

Yesterday I got to looking at the fabulous hats that graced our garden at our mid-September anniversary celebration.  As my mother, the “Queen of Hats” well knew, hats are the most noticeable fashion accessory of all, no matter if they are worn by men or women.  Whether they ‘make a statement’ or just finish off the outfit, they draw attention in the most pleasant of ways.

           I do hope that all those marvelous hats are more than scrapbook memories.  I hope they are indicative of a trend back to hat wearing (and I’m not just talking baseball caps here!)

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I love hats and need to wear mine more often. What the heck will the children do with them when I am gone?


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