Has Rocky really repented?

Nov 11, 2011 | 0 comments

Frosty Footprints

     Farmer Nyel has been keeping a close eye on the henhouse these last few weeks.  Ever since the twenty-four hour period during which an unknown culprit made off with two of our girls, Nyel has made it a point to double the security measures at the coop.  Not only does he close and bar the outer gate each evening, but as soon as the girls go to roost, he shuts the sturdy hen-sized door.
     In addition, he makes a close inspection of the perimeter each morning.  For a few days, there was evidence that the fowl thief was trying to gain access by digging under the fence that surrounds the run.  The chicken wire that extends down and out by at least a foot proved a successful deterrent to that endeavor.  And all the vulnerable areas above ground have been reinforced.
     The coyotes that were hanging out nearby seem to have moved on, hopefully discouraged by the strength of the fortifications.  The coyote pack tends to stay on the move, anyway, and besides, all evidence pointed to raccoons, not coyotes.  Raccoons can be persistent, so we were surprised that the offensive against our hens suddenly ceased about a week ago.
     About that time, Tucker was here working on the “Church Shutter Project of 2011” and was out early one frosty morning with his camera.  Lo and behold, in a photograph of the walkway leading into the church were telltale footprints – Rocky Raccoon’s footprints!  The evidence that he was on his way to church is clear.  Perhaps to repent?  We can only pray that such is the case…


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