Happy Birthday to the Legendary Ray Hicks!

May 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Sydney and Ray Hicks on the Occasion of His 93rd Birthday

It’s not every day you get to visit with a legend!  And it’s hardly ever that you have your picture taken with one!  But, in Pacific County there is no doubt whatsoever that Ray Hicks is a legend and yesterday we finally had our picture taken together!

I say “finally” because… well, it’s a long story.  I think I’m going to save it for one of my “Saints or Sinners — Characters of Pacific County” stories (if he okays it first! Suffice it to say that yesterday was Ray’s 93rd birthday and I went with neighbors Carol and Tucker Wachsmuth to wish him many more!

Ray and I almost met near here in 1954!

Ray’s party was scheduled from 12:00 to 3:00 at the Pacific County Historical Society.  I was eager to get there early so we might have a chance to visit… and we did!  We spoke of our memories, of our failing eyesight, of the books we are reading (and the trouble with small print), and of some of Ray’s jobs over on the west side of the bay.  He talked to me about cables and other mysterious (to me) job-related “stuff” and, also, about a couple of bad accidents he’d had years ago — 400 stitches!! OMG!

But the man is apparently indestructible.  Thank goodness or he never would have made it to legend status and I’d have missed the photo op of my lifetime.  Happy, happy birthday, Ray.  And many more!




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