Happy Birthday to Oysterville!

Apr 12, 2010 | 2 comments

A Salute to Oysterville

Hip Hip Hooray!  Raise the Flag!  Fire the Cannon!  Today marks the 156th anniversary of the founding of Oysterville!  According to the account by Robert Hamilton Espy, he and Isaac Alonzo Clark kept their rendezvous with Chinook elder Klickeas on April 12, 1854.  This is what Espy said: …when came along front [what is now] Oysterville tide was out – was foggy – could not see shore but heard something tapping in shore.  Tied up & came in.  Found Klickeas pounding on old stump on beach (one had been washed in).  He had seen [us] coming & tried to call…


  1. Larry Murante

    So great to see Nyel and the Oysterville militia firing off the cannon. Happy Birthday Oysterville!
    My regards to Mrs. Crouch. I’m sure she was looking on.

  2. Sandy Jacoby

    Great memories. As members of the militia, we are sorry to have missed witnessing the event!


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