Hallelujah! Raise the flag!

Jun 11, 2019 | 1 comment

It’s seven o’clock at the wrong end of the day and my blog is twelve hours late.  Never mind that it has been totally irregular since Farmer Nyel’s Big Fall on February 28th!  I still feel the urge to get back to normal and now, maybe, I can!

At seven o’clock this morning I was on my way to Seaside.  I was to provide transport for Nyel back to St. Vincent’s for two important appointments.  The first was with the Infectious Disease Team to see if his six weeks of IV antibiotics have cleared up the dread infections that have been coursing through his system!  The verdict:  Yes!  When he finishes the current course of meds on June 17th, he can come home!   Yay!!!

His second appointment was with the head surgeon who wanted to inspect his “wound” (which I call his incision) and see how he is healing.  Verdict:  Super Duper.  HOWEVER, he wanted the wound vac to be replaced today or tomorrow.  When we returned to the Seaside Hospital late this afternoon, it was all I could do to keep from dancing around the nurse’s station chanting, “I told you so!  I told you so!”  (And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my blog of June 8th, “The Learning Curve and Me” — https://sydneyofoysterville.com/2019/the-learning-curve-and-me/.

But the wound care nurse wasn’t on duty today and I didn’t see the hospitalist who deferred to her judgement…  The surgeon sent a handwritten note which told them what they should do in no uncertain terms.  Nyel and I discussed whether or not they would comply.  Guess whose glass is half empty and whose is half full…

But, never mind the ins and outs of medical egos and other matters that try a patient’s patience.  The important news is that Nyel is coming home one week from today!!!  Keep your fingers crossed and your trumpets in readiness!  Jubilation is in the works!!

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  1. Berntza Kristina Jones

    Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful…ee cummings! Love champions everything!


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