Grounded! Was it something we said?

Aug 17, 2012 | 4 comments

Yesterday morning went by in a blur of calls and visits and reports and claims with the Sheriff’s Department, our insurance company and our local towing company.  It culminated with both of our vehicles being carted off to have tires replaced.

For the second time in sixteen months our tires were ice-picked during the night.  This time, it was two tires on each vehicle – the pickup and the Cruiser.  Last time it was only the pickup,

For the last week or two, though, Nyel has had a painting project happening in the garage and so the car was parked in front of the house.  The pickup has always lived on the street – our Model A-sized garage won’t accommodate it.  However, we won’t be making that ‘curbside’ parking mistake again – not with either vehicle.  Of that I am confident,

The Deputy Sheriff suggested an infrared surveillance camera.  Nyel suggested we move.  I have no suggestions at all.  I’m too busy wondering who we pissed off.  Especially since there have not been any random acts of ice-picked tires on the north end, according to the Deputy.  He definitely thinks we were specifically targeted.   Plus, he thinks that it’s probably the same ‘party’ that struck the pickup in April 2011.

I think I could handle ‘random’ better than ‘targeted.’  It’s a creepy feeling and I’m trying hard not to suspect everyone we’ve ever disagreed with over anything, no matter how slight.  I tell myself that it’s probably the person we least suspect…

It will be awhile before I feel comfortable here in Oysterville.


  1. Linda J

    Ack! That’s awful. See email for more…

  2. brigid

    Jeeezzzus! What in the world. That’s a kid’s act normally, unless it is an insane adult. Then that’s scary. Too weird. And you are right about who you least suspect, that’s been the case for me as far as kids. I am sorry. I still wouldn’t accept being targeted though. What other cars are parked on the street? it could just be convenience.

  3. Patricia

    Oh Gosh! Call if you need a ride. I’ll come from Long Beach.

  4. Cate Gable

    Sydney —- this is outrageous and depressing. So many things to say about it and on the top of the list is that old-fogey refrain, “What is the world coming to?”


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