Grinch? Or Jackass?

Dec 26, 2015 | 10 comments

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Yesterday, through the magic of cyberspace, I received a photo from a neighbor showing that someone had put our house up for sale while we were away for Christmas. Since it was neither Halloween nor April Fools’ Day, I don’t figure that it was a kid’s prank. Besides, we don’t have any kids in Oysterville these days. But, apparently we have a fool or two.

I wonder how the house felt about it. As far as I know, it’s the first time she’s had such an experience in all her 146 years. Not that our family has had her since the beginning. It was Tom Crellin who built her in 1869. He was in the Shoalwater Trade, shipping oysters down to California. In the late ‘70s or early ‘80s he moved his center of operations to San Francisco and soon went into banking,

Church and 'Parsonage'

Church and ‘Parsonage’

For a while the house stood empty. She was rented out for a few years, or so the story goes, and it wasn’t until the Baptists built their church across the street that my great-grandfather made an offer on the house. He thought she would make a fine parsonage and so, from 1892 until 1902 a string of preachers and their families lived there. I seriously doubt that there was a ‘for sale’ sign posted in all those years.

Not that there weren’t realtors around. Captain Stream was in the real estate game and lived just a few blocks north. I don’t know that he did much business in Oysterville, though. Klipsan Beach and South Bend were where he did his promoting. And, speaking of realtors, I wonder if that Christmastime sign was up long enough for Lighthouse Realty to get any inquiries. We’ll have to ask when we get home.

imagesMeanwhile… we aren’t very hopeful that the Grinch of Oysterville will ever fess up or have a change of heart like Dr. Seuss’s character. Perhaps we need to consider another sort of sign for the village – ‘Beware of the Jackass’. But where shall we post it?


  1. Charley Shoalwater

    I have an idea where to post it! Merry Christmas to you and all of Oysterville!

  2. Caroline Miller

    Okay, admit it. You made this up about the sale so you could sneak in a little of the history. If that little charmer of a house had really had for sale signs around it, you’d be homeless in three minutes. Good one!

    • sydney

      Sadly, I did not make it up. And. even more sadly. there are people who would love it if we moved…

  3. Nora

    Someone had left one on Bradley’s as well about a week or so ago. Greg took that one down.

  4. Stephanie Frieze

    What?! I hope you had someone come take it sown, such as someone from Long Beach Realty. Or keep the sign to which attach the picture of the jackass and put it out at the end of the road by the highway. No, I know you live Oysterville too much to do that. They are lucky they are dealing with classy people and not us!

    • sydney

      The sign actually came from next door — in front of a house that IS for sale. Our neighbor (who sent the photo) returned it to where it belongs…

  5. Steve

    Looks like those idiots have nothing else to do better with their time then to put signs up
    for nothing.

  6. Maggie Stuckey

    I opt for “jackass.” Whoever did this is childish, petty, and sick. If you believe that what goes around comes around (as I do), he will surely suffer the consequences someday, even though he is far too cowardly ever to admit it.

    • sydney

      We can but hope!


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