Grand Central Station

Sep 23, 2010 | 1 comment

Jodee and Fifi

     People come knocking at our door all year long.  The phone rings.  The tourists talk to us over the fence.  My father called this house “Grand Central Station.”  My mother thrived on it. My dad …maybe not so much.
     Day before yesterday the bell rang and I opened the door to the smiling face of a woman in a zany hat, holding a poodle disguised as a Chihuahua.  “Hi.  I’m Jodi Thelan.  I stayed here for four days in 1984.  Do you remember me?”
     Indeed I did!  Jodi had met my mother and father in Southern California at the home of my mother’s best friend from college days in the twenties/thirties.  Jodi, an up-and-coming young actress, was living in the next-door cottage and my mother, in her typical fashion, invited her to Oysterville.  Not long after, Jodi came on a road trip with her sister Jill.  We all hit it off in grand style and, a few years later, we managed to see quite a bit more of Jodi – but not in person.  We watched her on Sunday nights in her role as Jane in the television series “Duet.”
      “I think out of 120 programs our rating was like third from the bottom,” Jodi told us over dinner.  Even so, the show ran from April 19, 1987 to August 20, 1989 – three seasons and 54 episodes in all.  These days Jodi spells her name ‘Jodee Thelen’ and is working toward a degree in Social and Human Services.  She is eagerly beginning a new career working with senior citizens in a program called SHAG (Senior Housing Assistance Group) and is also a Hospice volunteer.  As if all that isn’t enough, Jodee is still a member of Actors’ Equity and continues to act on occasion – mostly TV commercials.
     While she was here, our up-on-the-ridge neighbor, Mark, dropped by to give us a bottle for the next day’s water sample.  Mark is the Oysterville Water Works engineer and not only keeps our system up-and-running but oversees the gathering of test samples and interfaces with the necessary state agencies.  He’s definitely one of the ‘good guys’ and we are always happy to see him at our door.
     Not too much later another neighbor dropped by.  She’d had a mysterious “happening” at her house and wanted to run it by us.  She said she knew we’d have some level-headed advice.  “Call the sheriff,” we said.   And have a cup of tea.  But she couldn’t stay – had to rescue her husband who was out in the street trying to extricate himself from a long conversation with yet another neighbor.
     And about then our friend Dick called from Portland.  “I’ll be there on Thursday night,” he said.  “If it turns out to be Friday, instead, I’ll let you know.”
     Grand Central Station!  I love it!   Only the trains are missing and, come to think of it, that’s probably the part Nyel would like best! 

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  1. Nancy

    Giggles emerged as I read about “through the gate and into the house….” Memories flooded back from the early years at the Santa Rosa house when rarely a day passed without a drop in(er) or an o’night(er)..These days I change the linens only because the cat believes that he is the guest in the guest bedroom. Many fond memories also of my times as a guest at Grand Central Station…


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