“Go away!” she said.

May 26, 2015 | 4 comments

Black Bear

Oysterville Visitor

Betsy had walked to our place Friday evening with her plate of appetizers. So had Tucker and Carol and Greg and maybe Ann and Jim. Others, coming from out of town, had arrived by car. At five in the evening it was still bright sunlight outside and could hardly be considered dusk even two hours later when people headed out.

So as Betsy approached her house, empty dishes in hand, and heard a bit of snuffling, she was surprised to see two BIG bears on her driveway. Her car was parked at the end of the drive in front of the garage doors. “They were right there!” she told us later. “Right by my car, between me and the walkway to the front door.”

Bear Scat

Bear Scat

So, she did what any indignant homeowner might do. She yelled at them. “Go away!”

One turned and ran off toward the meadow. “He moved FAST!” she told us. His buddy, though, just continued to stare at Betsy who, by this time, was backing slowly away toward the street. By the time she returned with reinforcements – Bradley and Greg – Bruin was gone and she didn’t see any more bear activity over the weekend.

Bear Damage

Bear Damage

Not so for Tucker and Carol, however, who were awakened by a bear break-in at their boathouse about four in the morning a day or so later.  The culprit was after the garbage can which is kept there behind a sturdy, locked door. The deep scratches on the board and batten siding of the building and the padlock’s hasp which was ripped from its moorings gave silent testimony to what a swipe from those front paws can do.

For now, the Wachsmuth garbage can has been relocated to another property in town – one with less accessibility (or so it is hoped) by marauding bruins. And I’ve been wondering just how sturdy our garage door is. As much as we welcome springtime visitors, these incidents are just a bit too up close and personal for comfort!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    The bears are busy all over the Peninsula. Ours is secured in the barn, but a thoughtless bear brought the neighbors’ garbage to our yard so I’m now having to clean up garbage. I’ve been told ammonia on the lid discourages them.

  2. bonny pearson

    Glad everyone ok!!!!

  3. brigid

    They are all around and they seem bigger than usual.

  4. Jean Stamper

    We just took our garbage to Jacks as we didn’t want a bear to rip the trunk off the car where I had put the garbage earlier in the day. We had similar experiences with garbage cans when the Bears were topping them over even though they were chained to our garden house. Our brother in law thought he was doing us a favor by putting the can in the garage. The bear ripped the door off the garage and had her way with our garbage. We have also had a run on with the raccoons in the neighborhood. They tore the bottom of the garden house door off and ransacked the shed. They even ate the slug bait. Bears will be Bears!!!


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