Gearing Up For February

Jan 31, 2016 | 0 comments

As of tomorrow...

As of tomorrow…

I don’t put much stock in those cutesy phrases and “words to live by.” I avoid wearing tee shirts with catch phrases or rallying cries and I shudder at some of the sentiments and mottoes my friends post on Facebook. But I have to say that my “Keep Calm and Carry On” calendar for 2016 contains monthly aphorisms that are pretty much perfect.

Granted… tomorrow marks the beginning of only the second month of twelve. Even so, I took a peek and the words seem perfect! “The Best Way Out Is Always Through.” Since my birthday is at the (almost-but-not-quite) end of the month, and considering that 80 is a biggee, and knowing furthermore that I will be sharing the day with Nick Codega who would have been 29… I feel that February’s words to live by are pretty much spot on.

This year, sharing my birth date with my young former neighbor, Nick, has a whole new meaning. His memorial service will be at 1:00 at the Oysterville Church, right across the street from our house. I imagine the little old building will be full-to-overflowing and Nyel and I plan to be there early to assure ourselves of seats. Being there, as Father Tom Williams has always said, “is the least we can do, is the most we can do, is all we can do.”

Oysterville Kids - The Freshley Girls and Nick

Oysterville Kids – The Freshley Girls and Nick

It will be hard to shift gears in order to celebrate my own birthday later in the day. I am hopeful that in the time it takes to leave the church, cross the street, and enter the house I will be able to make the transition. “The Best Way Out Is Always Through” seem to be the very words that will help. I hope so.


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