Fun! Fun! Fun! And who’da thunk it?

Nov 16, 2023 | 1 comment

At Ocean Park Timberland Library, Nov. 15, 2023 – Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

Yesterday, I was busier than that proverbial bird dog during hunting season — seeing my cousins off after a fabulous two-day stay, gathering my books (and my wits) for a Book Talk at Timberland Library, and fixing myself a  fabulous crab salad from the generosity of my friend-the-crabber, Nahcotta Bob!  Did I even think about writing my blog?  Well, maybe for a minute…

The Book Talk was the highlight.  I didn’t really think anyone would bother to come but… wow!  By  the 2:00 starting time, every seat was taken and there might have been a few folks standing at the back!  I was gobsmacked.  For one thing, I don’t have a new book out or even one actually in the works.  My talk was to be about the 17 books I’ve written over the past several decades that are still in print.

I wonder what I was talking about…. Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

I decided I’d start with my greatest “failures” — my series of A-B-C books.  As I explained, they are among the best books I’ve written as far as giving a good overview of a single subject — basic information about such Peninsula and Pacific County subjects that are integral to our history:  Titles still in print include: C is for Cranberries: The A-B-Cs of Cranberries on the Long Beach Peninsula; I is for Indians: The A-B-Cs of the Chinook People in the lower Columbia River Region;  O is for Oysterville: The A-B-Cs of the Peninsula’s Oldest Community;  P is for Papa Train: The A-B-Cs of the Long Beach Peninsula’s Narrow Gauge Railroad, 1889-1930;  P is for Peninsula: The A-B-Cs of The Long Beach Peninsula and Vicinity;  and, perhaps my favorite:  K is for Kidnapping The County Seat: The A-B-Cs of Early Government in Pacific County, Washington.

Reading A Cogent Fact or Two – Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

The books are fabulous, if I do say so, myself.  The “failure” was in following an A-B-C format which made potential buyers (and even most booksellers) assume they were books for young children,  NOT!  ABCs as in basic information, organized according to the alphabet for fun and as a way to present historic (as well as quirky) information about each of the title subjects.  Had people bothered to take a look at the books, they would have known immediately that the vocabulary, as well as the concepts, were for adults, not children. (And such a bargain at $10.00 each!)

So, having explained all of that and then reading a favorite excerpt from each, I went on to talk about the other more successful books and pointed out some of the little-known back-stories of each.  We had a few minutes left for questions and answers and then my friend Carol Wachsmuth (Bless her!) sold books while I visited with my “audience” and signed books for those who wanted.  I’m so pleased to report that many books sold — 19 (!) of the ABC books!  Yay!

So endeth my shameless sales pitch!  If you couldn’t be at the library yesterday and you might be interested in a copy or two, write to me at and “we’ll talk” as they say!

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  1. Kristina Jones

    Dearest Cuz! WOW!!! I so wish I had been there to see and hear you in All Your Glory! You look beautiful (not a day over 39) and radiant and I am sure our friends and naybors of the peninsula enjoyed your presentation 1,000%. Keep it rollin’, Kiddo! Love, KK


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