Front Row Seats!

Sep 13, 2015 | 2 comments

Here they come!

Here they come!

Had we been in an actual theater, we’d have had no doubt at all – the show was all for us! The stage was Territory Road. The spotlight was the bright sun poised just above the church steeple. And, except for the occasional tourist, we were the only spectators in evidence.

From four until six o’clock during the Rod Run Cruise through Oysterville it was just us and our own personal parade! The cars were few and far between and they were going quite a bit faster than the 25 mph speed limit through town, but we had no complaints at all about them being up close and personal. The drivers and passengers gave us friendly waves and sometimes slowed enough to say things like “It’s beautiful here!”

Cruisin' Oysterville!

Cruisin’ Oysterville!

We speculated briefly about just who this part of the Cruise was meant to benefit. Nyel’s opinion: “It’s so the Rod Run participants can see Oysterville.”   I tend to think it was meant for showing off the cars to the people lining the route… had there been any. Besides us, I mean. We got the full benefit and a few good photos, too!

It’s a mystery to me that people didn’t come by the scores and set up their chairs along our roadside. But, truth to tell, it felt really fine to have those rods all to ourselves! Long may the tradition continue!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Thenext time we make it down for Rod Run, we will come sit with you!

    • sydney

      Great idea! Don’t forget!


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