From Church to Parsonage in One Easy Move

Oct 14, 2013 | 1 comment

Waiting for RockyWhen the opening to the furnace vent at the church was secured on Friday, Rocky Raccoon lost no time in moving across the street to our place.  I guess he figured out that this house that was once the parsonage is a better source for food than is the church.  Especially, the chicken coop in the back forty.

Or maybe it’s the Son of Rocky.  Rocky-the-First moved on a few years back when Nyel reinforced the parameter of the chicken run with hog wire.  There was one small area that he didn’t get to, though.  It was pretty inaccessible (he thought) and, besides, he ran out of hog wire.  It didn’t seem worth buying an entire new roll for a six inch need.  WRONG!

IMG_4773 Actually, the pesky critters (we think there must have been more than one) made two holes.  Cleverly, they found a seam where the lengths of hog wire only overlapped a few inches and pulled the pieces apart.  But, apparently, not far enough for easy access.

They are persistent little devils and they managed to find the vulnerable spot, get into the run, and move the food container closer to the water supply, and eat every morsel that the chickens had left.  Meanwhile, the girls were snug on their roost and all closed up in the coop.  If they were disturbed by the goings-on outside inIMG_4775 the run, they didn’t mention it the next morning when Nyel went down to let them out.  It was the misplaced food pan that clued him to what had happened.  The girls seemed fat and sassy and unperturbed as ever.

Needless to say, Nyel spent a good part of yesterday patching holes.  He found just enough hog wire to repair the damage and first thing today will invest in another roll so he can make those overlaps longer.  Oh the trials and tribulations of a chicken farmer…but so far, he’s ahead of Rocky and Company!  I hope those chickens are grateful.

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  1. Amy

    Great shot of the raccoons. They’re cute little beggars. Their mischief though–not so cute, I’m sure.


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