Friday Night Fun in Oysterville or… The Wisdom of the Aged?

Mar 5, 2011 | 1 comment

Creative Appetizer by Hal

     Our Friday night gatherings in Oysterville are usually quite orderly.  We talk, we laugh, we even argue now and then.  But we aren’t what you would term “loud” or “fractious” or “rowdy.”
     Mostly that has to do with who we are and even more, perhaps, with our median age.   It’s a different mix of friends every Friday, usually in the ‘qualifying for social security’ age bracket, though not always.  Last night there were a dozen of us.  There were teachers and engineers, an artist, an archaeologist, two former bookstore owners and a nurse – all but one retired.  We could be a dignified and distinguished group, but we aren’t.
     And last night was a little less orderly than usual.  Someone (probably me) brought up the photo essay on the formal dance at Ocean Park Elementary School, a feature story in last Wednesday’s Observer.   Cacophony!   I mean it was LOUD!  Everyone had something to say about it and everyone was saying it at the same time.  When I could finally sort out who was  saying what, I found that everyone was in agreement.  We all considered the event totally inappropriate, in poor taste, and just plain wrong.
     I was aglow.  I felt affirmed in my own conviction (expressed in my blog of several days ago.)   When things quieted down, I confessed that I thought perhaps I had been biased since that photo essay pushed my own article to near oblivion.
     “Biased?” someone said.  “What about conflict of interest on the part of the photographer?  Isn’t he the one who does the layout in the paper?”
     I must confess, I hadn’t thought of that aspect.  Nor did I have much time to think about it last night.  The group was on to more opinions and pronouncements –the wisdom of the “wrinklies,” as someone I know calls all of us old farts.
     Yeah, maybe.  On the other hand, if this were another time or even another culture, our Friday night group might be considered venerable rather than just elderly, and our ideas and thoughts might be sought out by younger folks.  What a concept!  But then we might not have innovative and inappropriate things to grouse about on Friday nights in Oysterville…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Being venerable, which you are, doesn’t mean preclude being excited. Now I will have to go get the paper. One of these days I’m going to get to the beach in time to crash your Friday night!


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