Forty Shades of Gray

Aug 3, 2013 | 3 comments

Oysterville Sky, August 2012

Oysterville Sky, August 2012

Gray skies again this morning.  This is the forty-third day of summer and I swear we haven’t had more than three days among them that have begun with sunshine.  Here in Oysterville, the skies have been consistently gray.

Not everyone agrees with me, though.  It’s like my doctor told me a few years about my feeling cold all the time.  After eliminating any medical reason for my goose bumps when most people are in shirtsleeves, he said, “It’s just your perception of being cold.”

Well, there you are then.  My perception of this summer is gray sky.  We’ve managed to eat lunch outside three or four times by my count.  Not that it has actively rained every day.  In fact, Nyel says we’ve had very little rain.  Conversely, we’ve had very little sun.  Or at least that is my perception…

Oysterville Sky, August 2013

Oysterville Sky, August 2013

If the sun comes out at all, it’s usually in late afternoon.  Of course, that’s when the wind comes up, too.  It may blow the cloud cover away, but it also adds to my perception of being cold.

The worst part about a gray summer is that it seems so cheerless.  It feels like business-as-usual.  None of that wake-up-and-want-to-do-something-out-of-the-ordinary feeling.  No urge to go exploring or desire to play hooky from an obligation and take off for the beach.  The mood is gray and cheerless and boring.  And I don’t even believe in boring.

As my Aunt Medora wrote to my grandmother more than a hundred years ago:  I think when people complain of the weather they just have nothing to say and want to say something…

            Exactly so, Medora.  Exactly so.


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    It HAS been colder and grayer on the Peninsula this summer, but I suffered last summer when we had so many hot days and being an old moss-back I’d rather have this summer given the choice between the two. I believe that Portland and Seattle have had plenty of hot and dry and hence the fog and gray at the beach. Now you have your cute little car and can escape to someplace warmer if you take a notion. Have a lovely time planning your escape!

  2. Jayne Bailey

    Step outside, it’s a beautiful warm sunny afternoon!!

  3. Caroline Miller

    You know how to write a title that gets attention!


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