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Mar 12, 2016 | 1 comment

Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard

I was feeling a little smug which is never a good sign… but, for once in my life I had sent out birthday thank yous in a timely manner. My mother would have been proud. And even though cards and gifts had become separated in all the surprise party excitement, I was feeling pretty confident that I had sent the appropriate appreciative notes to all but one or two people. (If you are one of those, let me know!)

Bert Andrews picking up the Oysterville Mail in Nahcotta, 1915

Bert Andrews picking up the Oysterville Mail in Nahcotta, 1915

So when I walked into the Oysterville Post Office yesterday and Steve-the-Postmaster held up a familiar looking postcard and said, “You owe me fourteen cents,” I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It took some explaining on his part for me to understand that two of the recipients of my cards live here in town and before Steve could deliver the cards, he needed to collect seven cents for each one.

“YIKES! Do you mean there will be postage due on all those thank you notes I sent out? I am mortified!”

Good until 1952

Good until 1952

“Well,” he said, “It probably depends on the post office. Some will collect it; some won’t.”

I, of course, blame Nyel.  (Always easier.) He had assured me that those left-over stamps with the polar bears on them were still good. And well they should have been! They cost twenty-eight cents each. Who knew that mailing a postcard now costs thirty-five cents!

I wish I could have this discussion with my mom. I wonder if she would be so insistent upon written thank yous these days as she was when I was a kid. Not that I’m stuck back in the penny postcard days. But thirty-five cents! In my salad days I could have bought a pack of cigarettes with that amount of money and had change left over for twelve postcards! Granted, they tell me cigarettes cost seven or eight dollars a pack now, so I guess the inflation of stamps is within reason… but still…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    When I cleaned out my mother’s apartment I found stamps tucked everywhere. She’d put them away, forget and ask me to buy more. Most are forever stamps, the post office’s node to the fact stamps go up every year and no one wants to deal with “make-up” stamps. I did find some 37 centers and have been using them on postcards. I don’t mind the 2 cents. The USPS is an awesome organization given the size of the country and the best in the world.


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