Flags Flying in Oysterville!

Aug 24, 2022 | 0 comments

Flags Flying in Oysterville

Check it out!  A couple of doors north and across the street from our place is the wonderful house that Lina and Dave Cordray own.  It’s the “modern” house many people ask about — the one built by Jim and Leigh Wilson-Codega back in the nineties.  The one with the wrap-around deck that looks so inviting.

Today the house is all decked out (ahem) with bigger-than-life-sized flags — at least ten of them  — some recognizable, but many not.  At least not to me.  And they are probably not “bigger-than-life-sized” either.  It’s just that you seldom see full -sized flags at eye level — not in Oysterville that is!

Carol (who is Lina’s mom) told me that many of the flags represent the colleges and universities where Cordray family members have earned degrees.  How fun!  And, of course, I immediately wondered if my own alma mater had a flag. I looked it up and there it was,  vaguely familiar.  I doubt that I’ve seen it (except as a sweatshirt) since I graduated sixty-five years ago.  And I certainly never thought of anything so clever as putting it on display anywhere.  What a great idea, Lina and Dave.  Thanks for all the fluttering color right in Greater Downtown Oysterville!


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