Fine Tuning

Aug 3, 2010 | 3 comments

Along the Verge

     The ten-day countdown for the big family wedding has begun.  My cousin and her husband arrived yesterday to spiff up the Red House and to lay the final plans for their youngest daughter’s big day.  The wedding, itself, will take place on the bayshore at high tide and will be followed by a wedding supper for 150 in their garden.  There will be music and dancing and all the amenities.  Many fingers are crossed in the hope of good weather.  Bottom line: no rain.
     The evening beforehand there will be a catered barbecue in our yard for all of the out-of-town guests who will be arriving early – 123 at last count.  The caterer, her assistant, and my cousin came by last evening to look over the situation, plan where the tables and chairs will be set up, where to locate the barbecues, the buffet, the bar.
     It is the groom’s family who are doing the event at our place.  My cousin said she was told that the plates will be Frisbees that the guests can take with them for fun on the beach the following day.  Apparently, a paper plate can nestle perfectly in a Frisbee.  “Isn’t that a terrific idea?” she asked.  All I could think was:  bar ‘opens’ at 4:30; no appetizers; dinner at 6:00; Frisbees; old house with brittle windows;  YIKES!   What I said was, “Yes, terrific!”
     As they left to return to the Red House, my cousin said, “We’ll be taking down these political signs in front of the house.  What’s with all these signs on the peninsula, anyway?  I couldn’t believe it when we drove in today!”
     “You’re taking them down?” I felt like a parrot.
     “Just for the two days of the wedding,” I was assured.
     Well, they do live in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I guess there isn’t a lot of frontage area among the highrises for putting up signs in the city.  Perhaps all the signs that sprout up before elections here are a rural phenomenon.  I’ve really never thought about it before.  Mostly, I’ve never been directly involved in wedding planning before.  There seems to be a lot of fine tuning…


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Given the summer we’ve had, the Oysterville Church and School house might have been better places for the celebrations. You have such a lovely yard and it is wonderful that you are allowing the grooms family to take it over. I just hope that no young people will actually attempt to fly the Frisbee while loaded with food!

    • sydney

      Wow! Food-laden flying Frisbees! I hadn’t thought of that! I don’t even want to go there!
      I should have clarified that the first choices were, indeed, the church and the schoolhouse. However, the church only seats 100 and, as for the schoolhouse, it’s Jazz and Oysters weekend and the Water Music Festival has it for the entire weekend; they start setting up on Friday. Since the bride was determined to marry at high tide, the arrangements are all “the back-up plan.”

  2. Jim Courtnier

    Persevere Sydney, this too will pass, eventually!


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