Finally! Four for Four!

Jan 9, 2013 | 2 comments

Even on these darkest days of winter, we are blessed with one or two eggs a day.  They are brown eggs and we have assumed that they are being produced by our two Silver Laced Wyandotte hens (as all the literature says.)  We had given up on the two Ameracaunas.  Maybe in the spring, we thought, we would start finding their blue eggs in the nest boxes.

The four chicks had hatched in early April and grew up with classic good looks, each matching pictures of their breeds perfectly ( just like the literature said.)  When the first brown eggs were produced we praised the Wyandottes and waited expectantly for the blue eggs from their coop-mates.  Nothing.  Our research revealed that sometimes hens will wait until the following spring to begin laying.  Obviously, that must be the case with our Ameracaunas.  But a few days ago we found four (count’em, four) brown eggs waiting for us!

I immediately apologized to those two Ameracaunas for the occasional encouragement (read ‘chiding’) I’ve doled out to them concerning their lazy laying habits.  Who knows how many of the brown eggs we’ve been enjoying came from them?  I guess it’s not their fault that they are colorblind.  Or whatever you call a hen who lays brown eggs instead of blue.

Once, a few months back, I did find three eggs in the nest boxes.  I thought that I’d probably missed one the day before.  But this time, there was no mistake.  Four in one day!  Way to go girls!  We’ll make another plan for Easter.  No problem.


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Congratulations on your eggs. I cannot wait until we move to Ilwaco fulltime and can have chickens. In the meantime I live my paltry poultry dream vicariously through you!

  2. Nancy

    As always, love the chickie blogs…


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