Feeling Naked in Oysterville

Dec 1, 2016 | 2 comments

Sydney, 1938

Sydney, 1938

It’s been a bunch of years – maybe 78 or 79 – since I’ve run around the house and the yard in my birthday suit.  Nevertheless, I’ve felt naked (and in varying degrees) for the last several weeks.  If, indeed, there can be varying degrees of nakedness.

First, there’s the matter of our gate.  Actually, it’s the matter of our missing gate.  I had no idea when I said “Sure, take it” to the painter that its absence would make me feel so exposed.  I did realize, though, that without a gate, our porch might look a little too inviting to the tourists.  That has proved true and we have had people wander through the non-gate looking hopeful about a house tour.  So far, no one has actually rung the bell and asked, though.  They seem to realize their mistake in time to save the mutual embarrassment.

The other day when I heard the UPS truck pull up, I opened the door just as the driver was reaching for the gate latch that wasn’t there – an automatic action by a long term delivery guy.  “Where’s your gate?” he asked.  And we both laughed.

Something Missing

Something Missing

Meanwhile… one of the prongs around the diamond on my wedding ring was catching on things.  To be on the safe side, I took it to our jeweler in Astoria for a look-see with the loupe.  Sure enough, the tip of the prong had broken off and, though there was no sign of imminent danger, I left it to be repaired.  “Two weeks,” she said.  I tell you, I don’t even recognize that left hand anymore!  And now I feel naked in a totally personal way!

So far, no one has mentioned the ring.  I don’t know if its absence has been noted or not.  Or, perhaps, there are still a few polite parameters left in this world.  A missing gate is up for commentary but a missing wedding ring, not so much?  More likely, it’s just one of those things that is more noticeable to me than to anyone else.  The best kind of ‘naked’ I say.


  1. Caroline Miller

    Funny about the UPS and the gate latch. We walk through life so somnambulitic it’s scary.

  2. sydney

    Yes! Very!


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