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Sep 20, 2017 | 1 comment

Maybe it has to do with ‘the seventh time’s the charm’ (although it occurs to me that maybe the expression is ‘the third time…).  No matter the reason, we seem to have had more connections between the beach and Emanuel Hospital in Portland this time than is usual.  Not that our good friends here haven’t fussed and spoiled us in the past – but this time we’ve had connections of a different sort – or so it seems.

It began on Sunday when in walked Steve and Jeanne Bellinger, so out of context that I didn’t even recognize them for a second!  “Wrong hospital!” I thought!  It’s not every day that your Primary Caregiver and his Lab Technician Bride come calling from three hours away.  Wow!  Seems they were on a sort of’ busman’s holiday trek, visiting friends and family members who were in various care-giving institutions in the Portland area.

Dr. Paul’s Automobile on the Right – Ilwaco 1924

Their visit reminded me in a weird way of stories I used to hear about Dr. Paul who was the only physician on the Peninsula when my mother was a little girl.  He lived and had an office in Ilwaco and mom remembered that he would ride his horse to Oysterville if there was a serious enough situation to warrant it.  By the time she was thirteen, however, he had an automobile according to information about the photo of Ilwaco’s main street on the Fourth of July, 1924.  However, it’s been a while since doctors have made house calls.  I think a hospital visit by the Bellingers was even better!

They brought Nyel a gift – a cheerful strand of fall leaves created by the crafty Jeanne.  They found the perfect place to hang it – and from the compliments of the staff, we know it’s the best room decoration around!  We visited for quite some time – heard about Steve’s aborted Pacific Crest trek and about daughter Hope’s surprise visit home from college last weekend.  And, Steve mentioned that it was here at Emanuel that Ben Supernowski spent 47 days in the trauma unit in 2010/2011.  “There’s a plaque down there in the main hall telling about him,” Steve said.

So, yesterday we went down to the third floor on one of our walks to take a look at the plaque.  We found it about three-quarters of the way along the central corridor – Ben, smiling cheerfully with the commentary about his horrendous ordeal written below.  His recovery was, indeed, a miracle.  And to think that he is now out of college, married and beginning his career as a minister!

Ben’s Story

Later that afternoon, Ann Skelton popped in.  “I just came in the hospital for an X-Ray and knew from Sydney’s blog that you were here, she said.  Although we know that Ann’s primary residence is here in Portland, our connection is through various Peninsula activities and events – Community Historians, a mutual interest in Pacific County zoning activities, yearly shenanigans at CPHM’s 6×6 art auction, etc. etc.  We visited about “stuff” – the progress of the new Seaview approach sign, the amazing Kaye Mulvey, and the weather, fires, and other phenomena that have made this summer a tough one.

And I haven’t even mentioned the phone calls and email messages from friends here in Portland and at the beach – staying in touch, offering assistance or distractions or “whatever you need.”  We feel well and truly cossetted!  (Don’t you just love that word!)

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