Far Away Logistics from the LB Peninsula

Oct 5, 2018 | 0 comments

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When medical emergencies happen on the weekend, they can be a problem.  Factor in living off the beaten path and the problem is not a “can be” but is a certainty.  So when the surgeon came in this morning (which happens to be a Friday) and suggested that we touch base with the Case Manager right away lest we have to stay for the weekend, we got right on it.  Or tried to!

Our nurse said that, first, we’d need to talk to Physical Therapy.  They would talk to us about Nyel’s safety needs at home and it was a pretty sure bet that they would want to hear that he had a wheelchair available.  A walker, a commode, and a shower stool we already have.  “While he’s in surgery, do some networking,” our RN said, “and see what you can arrange.”

Nyel Post-Op

I didn’t wait until they came to wheel Nyel to the OR.  I was on it!  I posted an “all call” on Long Beach Peninsula Friends of Facebook that read: Looking for a wheelchair for Nyel. Does anyone have a wheelchair that won’t be needed for the next three months? Or does anyone know if there is a local organization that has replaced Kiwanis in supplying medical equipment on the Peninsula? Please contact Sydney Stevens. Many thanks.

And before you could say “Jack Robinson” I had two FaceBook responses, an email and a phone call!  Wow!  Within an hour we had several possibilities lined up and then a phone call from a friend in Oregon City who said, “We have a new wheelchair that we can get to you at Peace Health within an hour!  Wow!

So it was that while Nyel was under the knife, I was in the parking lot and a lovely wheelchair was being placed in my car by my friends Harry and Linda.  OMG!  It’s big enough for Nyel but small enough to fit between front and back seats and lightweight enough for me to handle!  I am eternally grateful.

Wrapped Up Until Christmas

Now, the day is waning.  Nyel is back in his room and “sitting up and taking nourishment” and all is almost well with the world.  We have yet to hear from the Physical Therapy people and, until that happens, we can’t break out of here.  I’m thinking of putting another all call out on FB – something like GET US OUTTA HERE!  Hopefully, it won’t be needed


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