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Mar 4, 2015 | 3 comments

New Doors, February 2015

New Doors, February 2015

At least one member of our household goes to the Oysterville Post Office almost every day – or, to be more accurate, six days a week. That has been true for at least four generations. Depending upon the time and which day it is, we often visit with Postmaster Steve and/or with other folks who are coming and going to pick up or send their mail. An added bonus, of course, is stopping to chat with Oysterville Store owner Greg and throw a ball or stick for Bhima, activities which are also dependent upon the day and time.

Oysterville Store and Post Office. 2006

Oysterville Store and Post Office. 2006

On the darkest days of winter when there is little stirring in Oysterville, those visits are a bright spot in our lives. This last month or so we’ve had the added pleasure of watching the building get a little facelift. Three new ‘carriage doors’ now replace the mish-mash that provided entry (or not!) to the east end of the building. And for the sticklers who worry about changing historic structures, one word: don’t! Greg has crossed his ‘T’s and dotted his ‘I’s.

Andrews Store and Post Office 190

Andrews Store and Post Office 1930

Truth to tell, the Oysterville Store/Post Office building bears little resemblance to its ‘original’ ancestor which was built by Bert Andrews in 1918. Besides which, there were other stores and post offices in other locations in Oysterville going back to 1858 when Isaac Clark was postmaster and the post office was in his store. Even then, it wasn’t the building that was important; it was its purpose.  Unfortunately, there are few pictures extant of the forebears of the current Store/PO.

Andrews Store, P.O. and Serice Station, 1940

Andrews Store, P.O. and Service Station, 1940

The present building has changed a great deal just in my lifetime, and not always for the best. I’ve lost track of which owners did what to it (inside or out) but I do know that by the time Greg came to town and became its new owner, I looked upon him as ‘The Rescuer.’ He began with big plans and bit-by-bit is carrying them out. Like all rescuers, he has patience, fortitude and enthusiasm.

Plus, he’s meticulous in his historic research as anyone who has watched him carefully scrape through layers of paint can affirm. His plan is to repaint the building in historically accurate colors. I’m not sure when that will be happening but I think it will be the talk of the town when it does! I can’t wait.


  1. Nancy Russell stone

    Remembering when the property was on the market and Jack and I sat in California wishing we were younger than we are and fantasizing about living in the village and “doing something grand” with the building! Alas, reality stepped in, but I feel a glow as I read about what Greg is doing with his property. Looking forward to seeing it!

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    I love the fact that Greg honors the past and marries it to an outlet for local artisans.

  3. Greg

    Thanks Sydney! So kind. This is a LOT of fun. The paint samples are supposed to be ready this week. Pratt and Lambert Paints are providing the paint and primer for the front of this building for free (!). 40 grit discs for my new sander coming via mail. (How appropriate). When the time comes I’ll put out an APB so that anyone who wants to help can paint a few feet of the color bands down at the bottom.


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