Face Lift for South Bend

Aug 19, 2011 | 0 comments

South Bend Kiosk

       The first stop on our way to Seattle the other day was at South Bend.  These days, with our aging bladders, the public restrooms there are a godsend.  Plus, when the little adjacent storefront was a bakery we would look longingly in the windows and sometimes even go in for a snack to get us to Montesano.
     The bakery is long gone and so is the little restaurant that was there for awhile.  It’s one of those vortex-kind-of-places that can’t seem to find a business with the right fit.  On the other hand, the years-long face-lift of the Boondocks looks to be completed and there is a big ‘Open’ sign for the new coffee shop there.
     We were in a rush, as we often are, but we did take a quick look around the area.  There’s a colorful, new totem pole by Arthur Lunke and a sculpture that Nyel thought was a clam but I’m sure is an oyster.  We settled on calling it a “cloyster.”  But the biggest improvement is the informational kiosk in the middle of the parking lot.  New panels!  Professional look!  More interesting facts and photos than we had time to absorb!  Designed by Denise Rogers!
     I remember when that kiosk was first installed – back in the ‘80s I think.  I loved it.  Nancy Lloyd designed it and it was full of her whimsical artwork and quirky bits of information.  But, over the years, it had deteriorated due to the ravages of time and weather and had reached the point of dereliction.  It was painful to look at.  A new kiosk was overdue.
     It was a community project spearheaded by the Pacific County Historical Society.  The kiosk, itself, was rebuilt by a crew hired by Russ Ward, owner of the Boondocks.  Sixteen local businesses purchased ads that will surround a community bulletin board on the last panel, now at the printer.
     But it was Denise who did the extensive research, assembled the photos and did all the final work on her home computer – completely on a volunteer basis!  An Astoria sign company printed the panels.  Their work will be the key to the longevity of this new kiosk.  If initial impressions are to be believed, it looks like it will last for a good long time.
     Hats off to Denise and to all the others who helped make the project a reality!  There are several more kiosks around the county that could use your expertise.  I’m just sayin’…


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